This Chicago band has released three previous albums, but their first was really only a demos release, so this counts as album number three. They play a mix of hard rock and NWOBHM, and do it with finesse.

This album is just so damn catchy! Song after song makes you bob your head along to it and has a chorus that grabs your ears. There are tons of riffs that will make the air guitarist quite happy, the drums and bass flow together perfectly and the smooth, but strong vocals are sure to please your ears. This has the feel of a lost album from the early ’80s when people playing rock without fluff and ridiculous makeup. Yes kids….this is real rock’n’roll. “Do You Wanna Be Famous” is just a huge song that will get you singing along to and have you hitting replay. Don’t think that this was the only good song, no sir, “Haunted By Love” is fantastic as well. It has stop start parts, gang vocals and was a highlight on this album of great tracks. The production id just right, nothing mixed too loud or buried, clear and with just a tough of edginess.

This is one of the better hard rock albums that I’ve heard in a long time and I can’t get enough of it. If you want rock that actually knows how to rock and sounds like the classic it should become….this is your band!





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