VCPS: Self-titled


This band was previously known as Vietcong Pornsurfers and as you can guess, not a very easy name to lookup online in a way, and a bit odd too, so new name, but same kick ass band. The good part is that the new name is the only thing changed, since the band who was known for great garagey, punkish rock’n’roll kept that and we thank you for that.

You get six songs on this EP, with a sound that mixes late ’70s/early ’80s punk and a touch of garage and glam and manages to sound better than KISS on “Ain’t Nothing For You.” Yes, they take the sound of KISS on that track and make one song better than KISS’ last two albums. The band slows down on “Yes I Can,” and “Hold Me,” and shows some restraint and almost a sweetness that was never there before….holy shades of maturing as a band! Luckily, those two songs are done well and fit perfectly into the scheme of things.

The album is played tight, mostly fast and gets the blood pumping. I just wish that they would get more music done and put it out, I hate waiting so long between releases.

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