Having been around since 2006, this Oshawa, Ontario band has just put together a new EP of five heavy songs to melt your face, speakers, head, home…….everything. They have previously released five other albums, and just keep getting tighter than a frog’s ass in water, and harder than a guy at an orgy.

Five new songs, five ways to be pissed off and play as heavy as possible….what a concept! The band comes out of shoot with both guns blazing and nothing held back. The songs are angry, will get your head banging and played with finesse, yes, I said finesse. You can hear the quick changes and the tight playing just stands out from the mediocre crap that you hear from a lot of other bands. You get gruff, shouted vocals, plus the odd bit of smooth vocals mixed in, emotional playing….anger is an emotion, and production that is clear and makes it easy to hear everything going on. The band plays metalcore that really grabs your ears and makes you want to jump up and find a pit. The five songs go by fast, almost too fast and you really want more, but this is a great way to get you to sample their music, a taste, but not too much to get sick of.

This is a band that yo need to look out for and get in on the ground floor before you can’t afford a ticket to see them live. Power, talent and the tunes to prove it makes for a great listen and a definite purchase. Turn it up bitches!

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