Take a Bite is the seventh studio album by Girlschool, and originally released by GWR Records in 1988. It is the first album to feature Tracey Lamb from Rock Goddess on bass, replacing Gil Weston-Jones. This album features a brief return from founder member Enid Williams, providing backing vocals on “This Time,” but also features FM’s Merv Goldsworthy and Pete Jupp, who sing backing vocals on “Girls on Top.”

Second album to keep the legacy of the band going, with maybe a bit more gloss than the previous album, but not enough to diminish the power of the songs. You get “Head over Heels” which is co-written by Lemmy from Motorhead, the Joan Jett sounding “Girls On Top,” and “Up All Night,” just three awesome songs on this album. The band is still playing with energy, maybe invigorated by Lamb’s joining the band, and full of chunky riffs and catchy choruses, the album is a delight to listen to. Their cover of “Fox On The Run” by Sweet is a classic by both bands. The remastering helps clean up the muddy sound of my original CD and makes the album much stronger sounding. The booklet has a great information about the album and has cool pictures included from the album release.

The band may have not been on the charts too much, but that never hampered their ability to write great songs and to love what they do right to this very day. The band is a class act and this is a great album that sounds as great today as it did nearly thirty years ago…….almost thirty years…………

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