GIRLSCHOOL:Nightmare At Maple Cross

Nightmare At Maple Cross is the sixth studio album by Girlschool, and was originally released on GWR Records in 1986. Under the direction of producer Vic Maile, this album marks the return of the band to the sound of their earlier works and to a four-piece band. All tracks were composed by the band, except for the cover of Mud’s “Tiger Feet.”

This is a definite return to form after their previous album which was more geared toward the American market, especially only being released there and more commercial sounding. This brings them back to the power, energy and FUN of their first two albums. The vocals, the laying and the catchy songs all combine to make this a fresh and fantastic listen. You can bang your head, jump around, shout along and just put on a smile as soon as you start to listen to this album. I love “Danger Sign,” “Never Too Late,” and so many more songs on here. The songs are so well written and you can hear that the band was having fun doing this album. I love the banter that the band has on the album, very reminiscent of their older albums. The cover of “Tiger Feet” from Mud is terrific, so peppy, catchy and the song should be played loud every time you put the album on……hell, every song on here should be too. The booklet is great, lots of info about the recording of the album and the remastering is flawless as well.

A band that I read about in CREEM magazine and got Hit And Run as a birthday gift, and been a fan ever since. This shows that they had so many great songs and could give their all to their fans. Grab a copy of this one today!

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