TED NUGENT: State Of Shock



Ted Nugent…..what more really needs to be said? A man who could slay with his guitar playing and crazy onstage antics, has pissed off a lot of his fans with his views, but this is just pure rock and roll. This album has been remastered, has an OBI strip and most cool of all…….is on green vinyl.

You get the Nuge still at his hungriest and most blistering playing on this album. Starting with the incredible “Paralyed,” you get an opener that has riffs aplenty and tight playing from the rest of the band that just jumps out at you from the grooves. “Take It Or Leave It” just carries on from the first song with more amazing guitar playing and is beyond catchy. “Alone” is a gentle ballad that shows the tender side of the Nuge and makes for a nice rest before getting back to the rockers. “It Don’t Matter” is one of those songs that should have been a hit song with the terrific playing and the infectious chorus. “Snake Charmer” is another song that should be played over and over again…such a fun song and great to sing along to. The only song that didn’t hit me and knock me over was “I Want To Tell You,” but that still gives you nine out of ten songs that will kick you in the ass. The remastered sound is amazing, you can hear the band’s playing better than ever, with the band’s emotions and energy coming through better than ever. Plus the vinyl looks awesome too, nothing like colored vinyl…lol.

An album that will not only sound great, but will look great being played, plus you don’t have to buy those scratched up used copies from second-hand stores to hear kick ass tunes. Whether you like the man’s ideas or not, this is an album that stands up there with all of his best and still sounds better than a ton of what’s out there now.





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