BRIAN JAMES: The Guitar That Dripped Blood

British punk royalty Brian James delivers his third solo rock album. The album includes guests such as ex DEAD BOYS Cheetah Chrome, and THE LUSTKILLERS Adam Becvare joining the party, with a sleeve painted by top horror film designer Graham Humphries.

Well, this is a complete blast of old school punk rock fury from one of the originators of the school of 1976. The songs are gritty, tight and full of energy that makes you think that this is someone young and angry, but he’s older and still pissed off…thankfully. The album has a touch of horror punk, but with a cover painted by Graham Humphries, and James coming from THE DAMNED, go figure that horror would be a part of this collection of thrilling songs. There is also a touch of the Dead boys on here, even though Cheetah Chrome only plays on one track, the terrific “Becoming A Nuisance.” The album is just one vitriol filled blast of energy after another. Song after song is just as well written and performed as the one before it and there is no “just a few” good songs, the whole thing is full of good songs that force you to turn the stereo up and play it again and again. James’ voice has a nice hard edge to it and on the slower “Til The Rains Come,” he has a lot of emotion and a mellow timber that fits the song perfectly.

This is the kind of album that should be all over the radio and one the charts, but too many cloth eared twats prevent that from happening. Go out and grab yourself a copy and make yourself and your friends happy that this is out there, and make sure this kind of music gets heard by people.

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