MODERN ROMANCE: Adventures In Clubland

Adventures in Clubland is the debut album by English band Modern Romance. It was released in 1981 and featured the singles “Everybody Salsa,” released: August 1981, “Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey,” released: November 1981, and  released: January 1982.

This is the remastered release of their debut album that features the album remastered from original tapes, includes an interview with, and imagery provided by, founding members, bonus tracks including the debut EP and remixes, and also features a revealing interview with founding members David Jaymes and Geoffrey Deane, period images, official band shots, and sleeve shots.

The sound is fantastic, clear and crisp, with the band sounding amazing and the songs will get you up and dancing, as well as putting a smile on your face. This had a terrific mix of jazz, funk, new wave and salsa all mixed together to great success. This is one of those bands that I had read a lot about, but never heard much of their music, until a friend of mine, thanks James, bought the 12″ single of “Queen Of The Rapping Scene (Nothing Ever Goes The Way You Plan),” and gave it to me, mostly because he liked new wave, but was more into metal at the time. I heard it and loved it, still do and I had to get this album. I found it in a used store after many years and loved it, and love this release too. The songs are tightly played and so full of energy, that it still sounds fresh to me. The inclusion of the debut EP is welcomed because I love hearing how they started out and went into this direction from the more humble beginnings. The album has gotten stuck into my CD player and I refuse to take it out until I drive everyone crazy playing it.

A great release that is more than welcome in your collection of lost ’80s bands that need to be heard. Grab a copy and start dancing around your house…I did, and still am doing it.

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