KISSING THE PINK: Naked CD [Expanded Edition]












Thirty two years after its original release sees the first CD reissue of the debut album by new wave synthpop pioneers Kissing The Pink in a digitally remastered and expanded edition. This special edition includes the twelve original album tracks, plus seven related bonus tracks all sourced from the original master tapes. All the tracks have been sourced from the original production master tapes, the CD booklet features the original album front cover plus, extensive sleeve notes with band members sharing their memories of the period and a UK discography.

I remember back when this album came out, I heard the song “Watching Their Eyes” on radio station CFNY and taped it, and loved it. I spent a long time trying to find the album, but no one seemed to carry it and I had to settle for that one song. One day I was out with my mom shopping at Zellers, a low priced chain store, I know, how cool of me, and saw this album in the cut out bin in their music department and almost died…my album that I have been looking all over for, now just $3.99. I had to have it and got my mom to buy it for me, and played the hell out of it. Now this new remastered CD is out and I couldn’t be happier to have it. I have played this album over and over and read the booklet a few times over too. To have “Watching Their Eyes” uncut from the radio, and the remix of this song, it has been fantastic to say the least. There are more great songs on here too, “Mr. Blunt,” “Last Film,” and “Big Man Restless.” The great thing is the added remixes which add to the album so much. The album is dancey and esoteric at the same time, something that bands in the ’80s grasped well.

With great sound, and bonus tracks, this is a very welcome addition to my collection and should be one in yours. This band went a fair bit more commercial later on and this shows the more edgy side of their music. A great album that still sounds fresh and exciting.

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