This Austin, TX Celtic punk band has been around since October 2012 and has put out a fun debut album.
The lead vocals done by James Young are raspy, and rough, but not completely, there is a strong smooth sound to it right there in the middle surround by the roughness. It does have that traditional Celtic feel to it, and it has just the right amount of roughness to it to make it not so traditional. It’s good dance music, fast paced, high energy, and this isn’t a serious album, it was meant to entertain and have fun with. The backup vocals are good, strong, and energetic. The lyrics are good and strong, really clear, really bouncy, and the band is having a really good time doing this album and you can hear it. The tracks “Irish Goodbye,” and “Whiskey And Wine” are good examples of the band not taking themselves, or their music seriously. The track “Rebel Songs” is more downbeat at the beginning and more serious, but it fits with this album. If they didn’t put this song on here, the whole album would be one big fun-fest, so this track balances the album out. “A Kind Of Wake” has a 1950s rock and roll/Celtic feel to it and it works really well, it’s more rock in my opinion.
A very fun album that shows the band having fun, but a touch of seriousness slips in. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.


Review by: Amy East

YANIS: Queen Kari: Download / CD

Queen Kari cover art












Yanis is a 22 year old folk singer from Toronto, Ontario. Yanis was diagnosed with Non Verbal Learning Disorder at 13. NVLD, similar though not identical to Asperger’s, makes social interaction difficult, and so Yanis turned to creative writing to combat loneliness and express himself.

Kind of bouncy, 1950s feel to it, but a tad mellow, not so much a fast rock sound, but kind of a light sound to it. “Earl Of March” is more 60s or 70s sounding, which made a nice transition from the first two. “Earl Of March” does have a kind of a sad feel to it that the first two tracks didn’t. “Momentai” is kind of dark, kind of sad, and disturbing. “Jeri” is a sad, slow song that is just full of emotion. Yanis took great care in choosing the sound and feel to this album, from its tracks, to how he chooses his band members, the instruments, and it all paid off.

Even though this is his first album he sounds like he has done this for awhile. He has great potential.

Review by: Amy East

FICTION FACTORY: Throw The Warped Wheel Out – Special Edition













The album was originally released in 1984 by this Scottish new wave band.

The album is new re-release with bonus material that features versions of the resulting singles the album, “(Feels Like) Heaven,” “Ghost Of Love” and “All Or Nothing.” The album has been re-mastered and contains ten tracks from the original album plus nine essential bonus tracks. This is the most complete collection of the band’s material available. This is a nice dance album straight from the early 80s. It’s really nice to listen to, it’s not over the top high energy dance music, but it’s also a nice fun, kind of mellow dance album. The sound is clear and crisp, making it nice to hear sounds that you might have missed on the vinyl. Even though they are mostly know for “(Feels Like) Heaven,” there is a lot to explore on this album and the bonus tracks just add to the fun of getting deeper into their catalog. The bonus material features 12″ versions of the three resulting singles from the album; “(Feels Like) Heaven,” “Ghost Of Love (Special Dance Mix)” and “All Or Nothing (Extended Version).” The remaining tracks are all related b-sides; “The Other Side Of Grey,” “Old Game Blue Flame,” “Everyone But You,” “This Is,” “Dreaming Of Someone” and “I Who Know You.”

As a fan, and someone who had purchased the album on vinyl when it came out, I’m glad to see that this has come out to hopefully find some new fans and get people to listen to more than the “hit.”

SONATA ARCTICA: Ecliptica – Revisited: 15th Anniversary Edition












Sonata Arctica from Kemi, Finland, started in 1996 as Tricky Beans, (briefly changed to Tricky Means) playing hard rock/pop music that later evolved into Stratovarius-inspired power metal.

Fast paced, clear lyrics makes for a very nice job of updating their debut album Ecliptica that came out in 1999. This one came out in 2014 and it shows they remain true to their sound and things do get better with age, such as this album. Even though some of the current band members have joined in the 2000s, for example; Elias Vilganen (guitars, backing vocals) (2007-present), Pasi Kauppinen (bass) (2013-present), Henrik Klingenberg (keyboard, keytar, backing vocals) (2002-present), you can’t tell that they aren’t the original members, they sound so good. They still have original members Tommy Portimo (drums) (1995-present), Tony Kakko (lead vocals, keyboards) (1995-present). The sound on this album is powerful, and in your face, but not in a bad sort of way. There aren’t enough tracks on this album, you just want to hear more, but it has the same track listing as the original, so listen to this, then the original…lol.

A great revamp that adds to the original songs, and makes you want to hear more from them. Grab a copy and enjoy it again, or for the first time.

Review by: Amy East


Strike At Midnight cover art

Coming from Melbourne, AU, this group gives us a taste of their hyper-energetic music that will grab your ears.

Layer upon of layer of sound from the tight knit group that kind of sound like the Donnas. Good, clear lyrics, in your face, with a good balance of vocals and background music. It screams strong powerful women that don’t care what people, and for that matter, what men think of them. Even though the album isn’t about sex, the band does have a certain rough round the edges, tough girl, and sex appeal about it. It’s a fun album that’s not so much hardcore, but it is a rock album that would fit rather nicely in the collection along with the Runaway.

A great collection of songs that beg to be played again and again. It’s a nice kick in the pants compared to the bland music that’s out there.

Review by: Amy East