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After starting out back in 1980 in Barnsley, England, this band has released some amazing albums and songs that appear on a plethora of Gothic compilations, but they only hint at the thrill of an entire album by them.

With lead singer Brian O’Shaughnessy, the band has a more rock-tinged sound than they did before, but it actually fits the vibe of the album perfectly. “Message In The Wind” kicks things off and even though they had released this on a previous album, they make it sound brand new.  The redo five original era tracks on here and they completely reinvent them. The fantastic title track is a drummer’s paradise instrumental piece. “Child Of Paradise,” is a great track that I couldn’t get enough of. “Seance And Heresy” has a great post punk sound. “More Than Dreams” made me want to get up and dance (or danse). “Glory Or Grace” has a huge sound that reminds me a bit of THE MISSION. “All That Shines” has a lot of keyboards and sounds like a great mix of older and newer sounds all mashed together.

As a fan of this band since 1983, I have to be honest; I loved it and play it all of time. This is a great return to form and I hope that they keep going on forever.

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