CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol. 5 Forever Dead: CD












Finnish old school death metal band with punk attitude, crushing d-beats, and punk attitude that has the feel of old school death metal, but is fresh and super tight. This is the fifth release with only three songs, this band will destroy you.

As soon as you hit play, this band comes at you at full speed and doesn’t let go until the last note fades. Bass that hangs heavy and is thick as mud, the combined growled vocals and the cleaner vocals combine to give the songs a nice feel and depth, as do the gang vocals. The drumming in pounding and unrelenting, the guitar playing is fast, but has tight licks that you can really get into. The songs are tight, rough and the whole thing is a brutal fest that you don’t want to end. Great lyrics add to this release, as does the nice production that makes everything able to be heard, nothing is buried in the mix.

This is a band that I’ve been listening to for a while now and I look forward to their releases. One brutal and tasty treat that you will want to sample over and over again.

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