Various: Sell Your Soul…To The Cat: CD












It’s a 22 track album featuring 22 different bands from Black Cat Records.
It’s a very good collection because each track is so unique, with smooth transitions to each track, it’s like one band did it entirely on their own, while incorporating different styles. So many different sounds are on here, from high energy, guitar heavy rock to more of a Latin feel, and more. Chris Murray Combo’s “Big Love” is very beachy, tropical sounding, it’s bouncy, it’s fun, and it’s smooth. All the vocals are clear, smooth, really pronounced, the music part of the tracks is well balanced, and there isn’t any competition between the vocals and music. It’s a fun album that gives you a taste of what all the bands are like. Almost all the tracks are high energy, not in your face, well one of them is borderline screamo, and the lyrics are all nice and clear so you can understand the words. Trashed Idols’ “Loveless” is a really fast paced, high energy song. Vic Ruggiero and Phil Nerges’ “Tampa Road” is a story song with a good story line, it reminds me of those old movies from the 60s. I think he’s telling a story, not so much in a song, but in words with music mixed in, it’s a really good track. The Darlings’ “Where Do We Go” is high energy, good balanced tempo, and I feel the passion, the power behind the song, it reminds me of the rocks songs from the 90s. King Django Quintet’s “Reason” has more of a Latin and something else feel to it, it’s high energy, and is fast paced lyrics. Its bouncy, it’s really good nightclub dance music; it has an urban feel to it. Hola Ghost’s “The Man They Couldn’t Hang” also have that Latin feel, it’s not as fast paced, but it does have a nice tempo none the less, and it’s dark sort of, but it’s a good story overall. David Hillyard and The Rocksteady 7’s “RNA” is more of a Latin jazz combo, it starts off slow, but it’s a nice slow, it lures you in by being smooth. It has a nice smooth trumpet that’s been muted to give it that nice Latin full sound, it’s a slow dance song that’s all instrumental, and it’s so good. It’s a nice outside dancing track.
All in all, a great collection of diverse music that is still cohesive and entertaining. Something on here for everyone and this will be played a lot.


Review by: Amy East

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