This band from North West UK has a great EP out that shows the talent and energy that they are capable of.

High energy, guitar centered, female vocals are spot on, not hard rock, softer than Halestorm, but not any less powerful. On “Just Maybe” the vocals are well balanced, perfectly clear, except at the beginning when the vocals are whispered and at the end when it’s primal screaming. “Imposter” starts out smooth; the vocals are full of emotion, and full of strength. “Blame On Us” has vocals that are more controlled which shows multiple ranges, not just one note sounding, with more attitude in this track; it’s seductive, and full of emotions. “Not Who I Am” has more emotion, different range for vocals with more scales. Each track is its own story that are all connected to each other in their own way. “Glow” starts off softer, has constrained power, restricted emotions, and just shows more of the lead singer’s talent. All the tracks are guitar based and centered, this album isn’t boring or a time waster, and it’s the lead singer’s personal story set to music. She is showing you what she is made of, who she is, showing you her heart, she is strong, emotional, powerful, a women first, she commands respect, but in a not so much in your face sort of way.

Very tight and powerful music on this E.P. that sticks with you long after you listen to it.

Review by: Amy East

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