SONATA ARCTICA: Ecliptica – Revisited: 15th Anniversary Edition












Sonata Arctica from Kemi, Finland, started in 1996 as Tricky Beans, (briefly changed to Tricky Means) playing hard rock/pop music that later evolved into Stratovarius-inspired power metal.

Fast paced, clear lyrics makes for a very nice job of updating their debut album Ecliptica that came out in 1999. This one came out in 2014 and it shows they remain true to their sound and things do get better with age, such as this album. Even though some of the current band members have joined in the 2000s, for example; Elias Vilganen (guitars, backing vocals) (2007-present), Pasi Kauppinen (bass) (2013-present), Henrik Klingenberg (keyboard, keytar, backing vocals) (2002-present), you can’t tell that they aren’t the original members, they sound so good. They still have original members Tommy Portimo (drums) (1995-present), Tony Kakko (lead vocals, keyboards) (1995-present). The sound on this album is powerful, and in your face, but not in a bad sort of way. There aren’t enough tracks on this album, you just want to hear more, but it has the same track listing as the original, so listen to this, then the original…lol.

A great revamp that adds to the original songs, and makes you want to hear more from them. Grab a copy and enjoy it again, or for the first time.

Review by: Amy East

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