FICTION FACTORY: Throw The Warped Wheel Out – Special Edition













The album was originally released in 1984 by this Scottish new wave band.

The album is new re-release with bonus material that features versions of the resulting singles the album, “(Feels Like) Heaven,” “Ghost Of Love” and “All Or Nothing.” The album has been re-mastered and contains ten tracks from the original album plus nine essential bonus tracks. This is the most complete collection of the band’s material available. This is a nice dance album straight from the early 80s. It’s really nice to listen to, it’s not over the top high energy dance music, but it’s also a nice fun, kind of mellow dance album. The sound is clear and crisp, making it nice to hear sounds that you might have missed on the vinyl. Even though they are mostly know for “(Feels Like) Heaven,” there is a lot to explore on this album and the bonus tracks just add to the fun of getting deeper into their catalog. The bonus material features 12″ versions of the three resulting singles from the album; “(Feels Like) Heaven,” “Ghost Of Love (Special Dance Mix)” and “All Or Nothing (Extended Version).” The remaining tracks are all related b-sides; “The Other Side Of Grey,” “Old Game Blue Flame,” “Everyone But You,” “This Is,” “Dreaming Of Someone” and “I Who Know You.”

As a fan, and someone who had purchased the album on vinyl when it came out, I’m glad to see that this has come out to hopefully find some new fans and get people to listen to more than the “hit.”

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