This Austin, TX Celtic punk band has been around since October 2012 and has put out a fun debut album.
The lead vocals done by James Young are raspy, and rough, but not completely, there is a strong smooth sound to it right there in the middle surround by the roughness. It does have that traditional Celtic feel to it, and it has just the right amount of roughness to it to make it not so traditional. It’s good dance music, fast paced, high energy, and this isn’t a serious album, it was meant to entertain and have fun with. The backup vocals are good, strong, and energetic. The lyrics are good and strong, really clear, really bouncy, and the band is having a really good time doing this album and you can hear it. The tracks “Irish Goodbye,” and “Whiskey And Wine” are good examples of the band not taking themselves, or their music seriously. The track “Rebel Songs” is more downbeat at the beginning and more serious, but it fits with this album. If they didn’t put this song on here, the whole album would be one big fun-fest, so this track balances the album out. “A Kind Of Wake” has a 1950s rock and roll/Celtic feel to it and it works really well, it’s more rock in my opinion.
A very fun album that shows the band having fun, but a touch of seriousness slips in. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.


Review by: Amy East

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