KYRBGRINDER: Chronicles Of A Dark Machine: CD

Kyrbgrinder is a hard rocking trio from London, UK with a unique style of metal. At the nucleus is front-man Johanne James (also drummer for Threshold) and supported by Aaron Waddingham (guitars), and Dave Lugay (bass). The members of Kyrbgrinder teamed up with Threshold’s Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios to record this, their third album entitled Chronicles of a Dark Machine.

This album has fast and furious tempos, high energy, not too heavy or too light, clear and easy to understand lyrics, in your face music, really good vocals, and nice emphasis on the guitar. Overall it’s a really nice fit, with everything just seeming to be seamless. They really couldn’t improve on this. Not too dark, which makes this a good album to energize a crowd and put them into a frenzy. Throughout the album the energy, power, and overall feel don’t diminish, it stays the same which is hard to do but they have pulled it off.

The energy is continuously high and it’s fun throughout, making this a great album to throw on and listen to.

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