John Wetton, best known for his work with Asia, UK and King Crimson has released a new double CD compilation of his solo work. You get thirty-two tracks of his best songs from the beginning to his more recent songs.

Very nice, smooth and classical instrumental feel to it in the very beginning, the progress to light rock which was very nicely done. The vocals are smooth, but with a nice roughness too. The first two tracks, “The Circle Of St. Giles” and ” “The Last Thing On My Mind” are really nice slow songs, with track three, “Hold Me Now” being a little more peppy but still similar to the other two. “Where Do We Go From Here?” is a lot more peppy, more energized, not a slow song, it’s a fun dancey song. All of the songs seamlessly transition from one to the other with the energy picking up from slow and mellow, to high paced fun. “Where Do We Go From Here?” has lyrics that are fun, more love song than anything, but it’s fun and not at all sappy. “Another Twist Of The Knife” started out mellow with piano playing, then the vocals came in right on time, with it being not so much a love song, but more like a sad song due to a break up, none the less it’s full of emotion, and it makes you feel the lyrics. Disc two is very similar to disc one in terms of music, lyrics and vocals, however the tempo is faster and the energy is a bit more than the other one. It does go between fast paced, high energy, and powerful and is a lot more varied than the other disc. If disc one was more of a love song this one is more of getting over the breakup and starting to heal from it and live again. The emotions are there for all to feel and relate to.

The double album is a great retrospective of his career and showcases the talent that he has. There are songs on here that will make you dance, laugh and cry…a great mixture.

Review done by: Amy East

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