JOHN WETTON AND THE LES PAUL TRIO: New York Minute Live at the Iridium, New York 2013: CD

John Wetton, the vocalist from ASIA, UK, and King Crimson, is playing a selection of the songs that inspired him, many of which are not available on any other release. This new live album also includes unique renditions of his solo hit “Battle Lines” and the ASIA mega hit, “Heat Of The Moment.”

On this live album, you get vocals that are a little bit rough sounding, however it’s nice not to hear smooth vocals too often. It’s a lively fun packed live concert that is different from the other album in terms of energy and the sound of it, but it’s similar to the feel. It’s not a new take on ’80s music, it’s modern, kind of more mellow and slightly darker. It’s a nice change from the more party love songs. I don’t want to use the word depressed its more serious sounding, just dark, but in a good way. It’s similar to light rock from the 1970s sort of. It’s kind of sad music in a way but its rather nice.

With great playing and fun versions of the songs, this made for a great listen and is something that I will be playing quite often. A very good album that is recommended to his fans.

Review by: Amy East

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