THIS LIFE: Lies About The Truth: CD

Lies about the truth cover art

This Life from Toulouse, France has released their debut album with ten heavy hitting tracks. This hardcore band formed in 2012 and has put a lot of effort in this debut album.

The album starts with “Life Wire,” a track which is one heavy hardcore song with fast guitar riffs, pounding drums and a chugging bass line with vocals that are shouted and help to kick things into high gear. “Fire Your Dreams” goes on almost seamlessly and it is not until the vocals come in that is another blistering song. “Are We Ready” has a great bass solo, crashing cymbals and quick guitar chord changes to get you pumped. “Age To Thrill” features Seb from The Great Divide on vocals who adds his touch on this already great album. I love the bass guitar that starts “Mediatalks” off and carries on throughout the song. It’s played so fast and sinewy that I just kept on hitting replay. “Sunseeker” is another killer track that just would make the pit go nuts over with its feel of racing to the end. This album has a tight sound that I enjoyed, it feels like the band is ready to explode and wipe everyone out.

A very good debut that just gets better as you listen to it and it will make you re-listen to it. I think that I’m going to put this one in the car, roll down the windows and crank it up next time I’m out driving.

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