PETER PAN SPEEDROCK: Buckle Up And Shove It!: CD

Buckle Up And Shove It (SDR 015) cover art

Peter Pan Speedrock is a Dutch band from Eindhoven. They were founded in 1997 by guitarist Peter van Elderen, drummer Bart Nederhand and bass player Bob Muileboom. Later on, Muileboom was replaced by Bart Geevers,who would become a permanent member.

The band gives us a nice mix of Motorhead in overall heaviness along with the vocals, The Damned (they cover New Rose), and bands like Speedealer, and Nashville Pussy. This is definitely an album that dares you to ignore it…you just can’t since they hit you in the nuts repeatedly on every track. There are no tracks for me to recommend…the whole thing is one blazing inferno that must be experienced. The playing is tight, and the gruff vocals really give the album a dirty feel that suits it perfectly. It hasn’t been over produced, but it’s just done enough to give it clarity, but keeps it gritty sounding.

This is just a terrific album that really begs you to crank it up and piss off your neighbors with it. Grab a copy and have your ears thank you for taking care of them.

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