TOUCHSTONE: Oceans Of Time: CD

Touchstone are a rock band from Hertfordshire, England. The original band was formed by keyboardist Rob Cottingham and guitarist Adam Hodgson in 2003. Other band members include bassist Paul ‘Moo’ Moorghen, singer Kim Seviour and drummer Henry Rogers.

Opener “Flux” is a stomping rocker with a lovely reflective break in the middle, and fantastic riffs throughout. “Contact” has great bass playing and searing guitar playing throughout with soaring vocals. “Fragments” mixes eastern mysticism with heavy riffs and great lyrics. “Shadow’s End” has kick-drums and snarling guitars over frantic pulsing electronics, and add Kim’s sweet and melodic chorus over icy-cool synths and you have a winning combination. “Through The Night” is an energetic rocker that’s a quick blast of energy that sounds great. “Tabula Rasa” has a strong melody with a catchy chorus, dreamy chiming guitars, subtle backing harmonies, quick tempo changes and a soaring guitar solo in the middle of the song. After an ambient intro, the title track, at almost ten minutes long, has a grandness to it with flowing transitions between acoustic and electric spots with extended instrumental passages make it a perfect album closer.

Oceans of Time is the album that will deservedly expose Touchstone to a larger audience. This was a nice surprise and well worth checking out for those who like lots of melody & crunch in their progressive rock.

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