IGGY POP: Soldier: CD

For this album, Iggy collaborated with ex-Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock. Ex-member of The Stooges James Williamson was originally hired to produce the album, but a conflict between Williamson and David Bowie (who was assisting as a friend of Pop) over recording techniques led to Williamson walking out on the project. David Bowie and Simple Minds provide backing vocals on “Play It Safe”.

On this release, Iggy brought in some of punk and new wave’s finest—Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Steve New (Rich Kids), Barry Andrews (XTC, Shriekback), and Ival Kral (Patti Smith Group) to back him up. “Loco Mosquito” is a strange keyboard driven upbeat rocker that is catchy as hell. “Ambition” is an upbeat rock song with an acoustic guitar with eerie atmospheric organ playing that sounds great. “Knocking ‘Em Down” is a heavy guitar driven rocker that is super catchy. “Play It Safe” is Iggy’s sole collaboration with David Bowie on the album as is a slower song about music not being challenging. “Get Up And Get Out” is another slow song with a lot of horns which gives it a jazzy feel to it. “Mr. Dynamite” has piano and horns that add nice layering to the song. “Dog Food” is a great upbeat punk rock classic. “I Need More” is another classic song with great music, great lyrics and is one of the best songs on the album. “Take Care Of Me” has a mix of power pop with a touch of a ballad mixed together. “I’m A Conservative” has Iggy mocking conservatism and is a mid-tempo guitar driven rocker. “I Snub You” is another upbeat punk rock song. The album’s sound has been cleaned up and sounds crisp and makes it easier to hear the energy that the band has on this album. The packaging is great, with the replica sleeve and the lyrics printed and look and feel of the original album.

As always, this is Iggy, so you know there are going to be songs that you like, some you love and some mediocre, but still, it’s a lot of fun and worth grabbing. Get your Iggy collection filled in with this album that isn’t hyped up like a lot of his others and discover something different from Iggy.





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