For this record, Pop collaborated with Ivan Kral, who is best known as the guitar and bass player for Patti Smith in the 1970s. When Arista heard the album, they brought in former Monkees producer Tommy Boyce to remix “Bang Bang”. According to Iggy Pop’s autobiography I Need More, he wrote “Bang Bang” because Arista Records wanted a single and he promised them a commercial album. Party was released in June 1981 and it peaked at number 166 in the Billboard Top 200. “Bang Bang” was released as a single the same month, charting at number 35 on the Billboard Club Play Singles Chart.

The album starts off with a delightful and fun track called “Pleasure” that showed that Iggy still had some of the old darkness in him. “Rock And Roll Party” is an upbeat track that leads into the oddly named, but good track “Eggs On Plate.” “Happy Man” is a great track and is one of my favorites on the album along with the following track, “Bang Bang,” which was later covered by David Bowie on this 1987 album Never Let Me Down. There is also o pair of cover, “Sea of Love” and “Time Won’t Let Me,” which are good, but not essential. The band plays well and you can hear that they are giving their all to this album. With the great packaging and the remastered sound, it’s great to get another chance to reassess this album and realize that it’s nowhere near the mess that people said it was back when it was first released.

Maybe not a classic, but still an album to add to your collection and enjoy when the mood hits you to hear something a bit different from Iggy.





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