XI cover art

The band is lead by the married duo Steve and Sam Thill, who met each other while living in a small town in France. Sinner Sinners was founded in 2009 and is now based in Los Angeles, CA.

Ten songs of gritty and rough rock’n’roll that’s mixed with a dose of punk filth to make for a thrilling sound that puts a smile on your face. The gruff vocals from Steve contrast nicely with the sweeter, but not wimpy vocals from wife Sam. The band plays like their lives depend on getting to the end of the album before they destroy their instruments. The songs come at you like punches to the kidneys, you wonder if you can take any more, but the hits keep on coming, and if things were right in the world, the hits are the devastating songs on display here. The album is so tight and thrilling and it goes by so fast, that it forces you relisten to it over and over again. Every song is a winner, it’s like they’re freaks or something, writing one blistering song after another…FREAKS!

I was more than surprised that I still can’t stop listening to this album and find that I love it all the more as I keep playing it. This is a killer album that deserves to be played loud and often.


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