Modern Division cover art

This punk rock band from Fullerton, CA comes at you in full force on this album. This trio holds nothing back with their songs about social issues, breakups and overall displeasure with life, all handled with hooks and heartfelt playing.

This isn’t a heavy album, but it sure isn’t wimpy at all, the tracks are tight, quick, peppy, and played with power. These guys Blast through ten songs, and although they are a young band, the music on this album sounds more like the work of seasoned veterans. With the powerful, gruff vocals and precision punk rock that they play that’s not overly produced, you get the feeling that they are giving you their all on every track. Every song is a potential favorite, just pick one and let the punk goodness hit you between the eyes.

This was a very cool album with potential to be your favorite band all over it. I’m sure that they thought that this was going to be a good mix of songs to get more fans, wrong, it’s a great set of songs that will get them fans.!

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