IGGY POP: New Values: CD

New Values is the third solo studio album by Iggy Pop and his first record since The Stooges’ Fun House and post-Stooges Kill City without any involvement from David Bowie. New Values was originally released in April 1979 by record label Arista. Although well-received critically and now regarded as one of Pop’s best solo efforts, the album was not a commercial success, only reaching number 180 in the Billboard Top 200 album chart.

New Values a cleaner, slicker production than its immediate predecessors, something that adds to the slightly different sound Iggy was showcasing on this album. “Tell Me A Story” has female backing vocals, some synth sound effects, a laid-back guitar solo and puts Iggy’s vocals front and center. “New Values” features a vocoder, and has a punky riff that gives the song a nice edge to it. “I’m Bored” has a catchy angular guitar riff, a great beat and humorous lyrics, having him proclaiming himself to be “Chairman of the Bored.” “Five Foot One” is a powerful rocker with horns, animalistic howling and ironic lyrics. On “Don’t Look Down” and “Endless Sea” things get a little more epic with Iggy giving a great vocal performance. Though Iggy’s not really known for his romantic side, “Angel” has to be one of his best ballads. The band plays tight and with energy and makes for a pretty damn good listening experience.

Yes, it’s not as hard or punk sounding as previous and later albums, but damn…it’s Iggy and it’s a good album with fun songs and a couple of classics to boot. The remastered sound and the great packaging really make this a standout CD to add to your Iggy collection.





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