Pat Travers from Toronto, Ontario has had a varied career over the years. He started out with his band and started to gain popularity, hit it big with his live album Live! Go for What You Know, and was headed for the big time, but he got a bit of course with his label Polydor and fought to put out more music with them. This was his last major label album and his last album of original material for six years.

After all the love from his fans and then problems with his label, Travers could have walked away and did something safe, but he came back with an album of strong hard rock songs that still sound great after all these years. You can hear the love that he has just oozing from the vocals which are strong and sharp, the band is tighter than a frog’s ass in water, laying the hearts out and giving their all song after song. people didn’t give this album great reviews when it came out, and it really is as good, if not better than a lot of the bad rock music from this time period that people claim as great. The album had two singles released from it “Women On The Edge Of Love,” and “Killer” which are both great songs with killer choruses, tons of hooks and fantastic guitar playing. It was during this time that Travers also released Just Another Killer Day, a 30-minute home video featuring music from Hot Shot that was a sci-fi type short story about sexy alien women searching for information on music here on earth. The songs all have a nice edge to them, especially since a lot of albums produced at this time were getting so glossy and overdone, that it was great that he chose not to get too poppy or over the top, but keep it more organic sounding. The album has been remastered and sounds great, you can hear the instruments clearly and with nuances that were lost before. I enjoyed the booklet that had a lot of information, not just about this album, but about Travers’  career in general, written by Classic Rock magazine News Editor, Dave Ling.

If you’re a fan of Travers, you need to get this album, it’s one of those records that you might have seen in the shop, or later in the cheap bins and never took a chance on…no chance taking here, just a good rocking album that you will play again and again.

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