AGGRO OR DIE!: Summer Dies: CD

This band from Detroit, Michigan plays a mix of hardcore. thrash and punk on this thirteen song album. This debut has raw power and great aggression that goes from start to end.

The songs are tight, the vocals are raw and angry, the band rages and the pit would be a swirling mix of arms and legs all mixed with sweat, but what a fun time it would be. Pick a song on here, hit play and feel the intensity take ahold of you and try to rip your face off. The album reminds me of DRI on occasion, especially on Fuck February, which is an amazing thrash song. I was listening to this album and thinking about how many bands used to do this, and now very few do, and even fewer do it as good as these guys. The bands never lets up with song after song of pure thrashing goodness, heavy, but still has a hook here and there to catch you and the gang vocals make for a great shout along.

These guys have been around for a while playing and getting better, and on this debut they really let everyone know that they are here to rip your head off and throw you in the pit. Put this one on and scare your neighbors, it might even make the plants die…it’s that good. I need more aggro, or I might die.

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