EVERCLEAR: Black Is The New Black: CD

I remember being in the bar, being Mr. DJ and having a CD with a track of theirs on it and taking a chance and playing it, the crowd liked it and so did I. After a few years I lost track of the band and got more into industrial and electronic music, but these guys were still pumping out albums…glad they hung in there because this is a great album.

Huge guitars all over the album, pounding drums and fantastic singing make this one of the best albums that I’ve heard in a long time. The mix of hard rock and punk aggression really grabbed me, then I fell for the hooks, and boy are there a ton of them on here, the kind that force their way into your head and echo inside for days. Just knowing that after over twenty years, these guys have come out with an album that many of their peers from that era could never come out with, not a rehash or a safe album, they went for broke on here and laid it all out there for us to hear and I doff my hat to them for taking this chance because it paid off in full. “Sugar Noise” is a killer track to start off the album, tight, heavy and it has a nice groove that you can dance to, and it shows that these guys are here to rock the place down. “American Monster” is a song that kicks the complacency of the normal life in the pretty suburbs. “This Is Your Death Song” is an amazing song that has blazingly tight riffs and a chorus that I can’t get out of my head. “Simple And Plain” has another amazing chorus and a fantastic bass line. “Van Gogh Sun” is a little bit more mellow at first, then takes off and lifts the roof off. The production is great, tight, able to hear the raw emotion and the subtly in the last song “Safe.”

If you were a fan, this will bring you back, if you aren’t a fan, give it a listen, if you are a fan, you already know how good it is. This is not retro rock, this is a vital and hungry band giving their souls to us .





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