THE ROMANTICS: The Romantics: CD

The Romantics first album after a couple of singles and what a corker it is with a ton of catchy songs. Three of the songs from their original singles were re-recorded for this album which connected them with their past and with how they were at that point in their career.

Their first album and what an album it is…from start to finish, played like it’s the most important thing in the world, and at the time, it probably was. This was released back when radio was tired, disco was everywhere and power pop was starting to catch on because no one wanted to put out punk records, this was safer and the radio guys could get behind a poppier sound than the rough and tumble punk rockers. This kind of music wasn’t popular for long, and some bands died out quickly, (see The Knack), but thankfully a lot of this is still around and looking back, this was some damn fine music. This stuff still holds up well after all these years, this was released back in 1980 you know. You get the explosive “When I Look in Your Eyes” to start things off and what a way to start. A classic pop song that has hooks for days, the “Tell It to Carrie” comes on with its smooth sound and you know it’s going to be a great ride. There is not one bad song on this album and with all the skinny-tie bands that started with “The,” these guys and The Knack were the ones that created true classic albums. Of course hearing “What I Like About You” now doesn’t have the same excitement as it did when the album came out, but it’s still one hell of a song that gets you up and dancing, just like most of this album. It’s great to hear this album cleaned up and sounding so sharp with the remaster, giving you a chance to hear the tight musicianship of this, (at the time), young band.

You can count on getting pure enjoyment from this album from start to finish and a lot of wear and tear on your shoes from dancing so much while listening to it. Grab this album and crank it up for a great night or a fun ride in the country.


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