Originally released in 1983, this is the biggest selling album of the Romantics career containing two of their most popular songs “Talking In Your Sleep,” and “One In A Million.” Now they are remastered and back out their with an album that still holds up and shines after all these years.

This album has it all, straightforward pop/rock tunes with a big beat, huge hooks, sharp harmonies and plenty of energy to get stuck in your player for days. As soon as you hit play the album just digs into your head and it makes you smile, want to dance and sing along. I remember seeing the video of “Talking In Your Sleep” on Much Music when it first came out and it blew me away with the immediate hook…and the girls in the video. I wanted more, but I didn’t have a lot of money to spare back then, so I taped the video and the song off of the radio and felt happy about that, until I walked over to my older brother’s apartment one day to talk music and play Atari, and low and behold…he just bought the album! I went home and got a blank tape and recorded it that same day. When I got this CD and hit play, it took me back to that time in my life and I can’t express how good it makes me feel to relive those emotions especially since my brother died last year and he was a huge influence on my obsession with music all these years. One song after another of great songs come at you with only “I’m Hip,” and “Shake A Tail Feather” not being my favorites, but still won’t skip them when listening. The sound is clear, crisp and gives the listener a chance to hear the twang of the guitar clearer, the bouncing bass better, and just improves the experience to make a great album, that much better,

You really shouldn’t have to have me tell you to go out and get this, it should be obvious, but go out and get it!!! Turn it up, grab a cold drink, open up the windows on a nice day and dance your ass off while shouting along to the songs.

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