BAD MANNERS: Rare & Fatty: CD

The longest running ska band of the 2-Tone era has put out this long-awaited reissue of their rarities collection and it is being reissued in its original U.S. sleeve, and features original and rare studio recordings that was originally released back in 1997. This release features the extensive sleeve notes from that American release, and the tracks were taken from Buster Bloodvessel’s personal vaults.

What a treat to hear songs that were too weird or out-of-place for their albums, and that’s amazing considering the crazy tracks that have been put out by them in the past. Some songs Like “Jezebel” would never have fit onto one of their albums, especially that one because it sounds nothing like them and would fit in with the pop music that was around back in 1983. It’s not a bad song by any means, it’s really quit good, just too out of the ordinary. “Boots” is their take of the song popularized by Nancy Sinatra, and a damn fine song too. Catchy, fun, and a ton of fun. The song “Devil’s Dub” is a fantastic dub mix, nice thick bass and a groove that won’t quit. “Double Barrel” is a great ska/reggae song that makes you want to dance to. “Help Me” has a great beat and is one of my favorite songs on here. “Elizabethan Reggae (Original Version)” is one song that I can play over and over again. just a classic tune. “Night Bus To Dalston (Original Version)” is taking the piss out of Madness’ “Night Boat To Cairo,” but is an ace tune all on its own. It will get you dancing around your home.

What a treat for fans of Bad Manners, a look into the weird and wonderful collection of sings from the weird and wonderful Buster Bloodvessel. Not the album to start out if you’ve never heard them, but an essential to hear another side of the band.

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