This hard to find, only official live album by THE RUNAWAYS has been remastered and put back into a recreation of the gatefold that it originally came out in. The album was never released in the US at first, it was released only in Japan, and some other regions including; Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and it was not intended for release in the USA or UK.

You get the band playing to crazed fans, raw and with no studio trickery, just honest to goodness rock and roll with a hard kick to the nuts. The band was enormous in Japan and what better way to showcase their talent, then by putting them in front of people who truly loved them. You can hear the fans shouting along to the songs and pumping up the performance of the girls which makes for a classic live album…back when live albums were good. The sound has been cleaned up to better hear the performance and the album is all the better for it. With the clearer sound, you can hear the band’s playing a lot better than on the older versions of this album, you can hear the guitar licks and the vocals just that much better now. There’s four songs from their debut album, “Rock-n-Roll”, “You Drive Me Wild”, “Cherry Bomb”, and “American Nights,” three songs from their second album, “Queens of Noise”, “California Paradise”, and “Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin”,  and five previously unreleased songs “All Right You Guys”, “Wild Thing”, “Gettin’ Hot”, “I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are”, and “C’mon”. The band was to break apart not long after this and you can hear the effects of the punk and metal teams on here getting closer to the split.

This is a no brainer…JOAN JETT fans, RUNAWAYS fans, CHERIE CURRIE fans, LITA FORD fans and fans of great music should grab this album, but make sure you get this one for the improved sound. Oh yeah…crank this mutha up!


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