HINDER: When The Smoke Clears: CD

Hinder are back with a new album, new label, The End Records, and it will also be the first album to feature Marshal Dutton as the new lead vocalist. Fans have been looking forward to this release and wondering how it would sound for a long time.

This is a special review from guest reviewer Amy East.

The new album is very refined and smooth sounding for a hard rock band and it flows nicely from song to song. The lyrics are clear, and the music doesn’t overwhelm the words, creating a nice balance between the words and music. The tempo is steady, balanced, and is at a good speed. All the songs are connected not just by the words or music, but by the emotional connection they all share. It’s running through the emotions of getting over a break up and meeting someone new and going through all the same shit all over again with the new girl. The CD seems very personal, and yet so relatable to just about anyone that listens to it. It’s about a guy that breaks up with his girl, and has a crappy life and can’t seem to change it, but things start to turn around when he meets someone new, but it doesn’t last, and, there goes the same shit all over again. He is heartbroken and feeling pretty bad about that, and in his mind it’s a worthless lonely life. The new lead vocalist does seem to fit in well with the band, like he has always been the lead instead of Austin Winkler. Winkler gave the music a rough around the edges feel, and it was less refined, less smooth more hard rock, while Dutton brings a sense of refinement, making the music less intimidating to the non rocker girls, and the ones who are exploring other genres. Track four “If Only for Tonight,” is less heavy and more pop sounding, and it’s rather comforting to hear someone that is on the same emotional page as you are, and have a connection with. It makes me feel like if I was in that situation I would need a break from reality even for a night, and I would like to spend it with someone was feeling the same as I do.

A very welcome addition to their discography and one that will please long time fans, as well as get them new ones. Grab a copy and give it a chance, they made me a believer.





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