GOOD VIBRATIONS: The Punk Singles Collection: CD

Good Vibrations: The Punk Singles Collection

Twenty-five tracks showcasing the very best of the legendary late 70s Northern Ireland label. This release features contributions from bands such as Rudi, The Undertones, The Outcasts, Protex, The Moondogs, and The Bankrobbers (featuring Joby Fox who went on to join Energy Orchard), plus this release also includes previously unreleased songs from Shock Treatment, and the Androids. This CD ends with the debut 45 from label owner / founder Terri Hooley, backed up by Rudi and they were Terri and The Terrors.
A great collection of bands that mostly didn’t get a lot of looks in from people outside of Northern Ireland, but now get the respect and hearing that they deserve. Every song is ace, and the pure energy that is on display here, is something that bands nowadays could really learn from. Of course The Undertones are great, but it’s the other songs by lesser known bands that really make this a great compilation to hear music that might have gone lost forever, but now you can put this on, turn it up and truly enjoy the youthful power that is on this CD. As soon as you put this CD on, you realize that these bands had the chops to create music that still sounds fresh and thrilling after all these years and is a CD that you will pull out and play over and over again. I wasn’t aware of a lot of the bands on here except for their names, but now I have to go searching for more music from the bands.
Grab this album, turn it up, pogo around the house, try not to spit and drive your neighbors mad with the great songs on here. Read the information about the bands included and maybe you will find a new favorite.

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