GIRLSCHOOL: Running Wild: CD

This is the first LP to be released without original guitarist and singer Kelly Johnson playing. Founding members Kim McAulliffe (guitar / lead vocals), and Denise Dufort (drums) were joined by Gil Weston-Jones (bass) Jackie Bodimead (lead vocals / keyboards) and Cris Bonacci (guitar). This was very much a keyboard driven album aimed at US radio, and also featured a cover version of KISS’s “Do You Love Me?”. This was previously only available in the United States on vinyl, and this is the first official release for the album on CD. It also features liner notes from Classic Rock and Metal Hammer’s Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with the band.

Yes, this is the album that most fans have either never heard, or never liked, I found it to be very glossy sounding, similar to VIXEN, but it still rocked enough to be a worthy piece in my collection. The cover of KISS’s “Do You Love Me?” should have been placed later on instead of the third song in, but it has a nice crunch to it that makes it another cool cover song from these ladies. “Nowhere To Run,” “Let Me Go,” “Something For Nothing,” and “Nasty Nasty” are really good sounding rock songs that stand out on the album.”Running Wild” is a ballad and while being well done, goes on longer than it should.

There is a big difference in sound from their earlier albums, the edge has been sanded down quite a bit, but they sound like they are still enjoying themselves and really, it’s Girlschool, they rock. I would have liked to have had some bonus tracks, maybe some demos of the songs or something, but at least people have the chance to hear the album on CD for the first time.

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