NAKED EYES: Fuel For The Fire: CD

Fuel for the Fire was the 1984 follow-up album to their successful debut. The band had top 40 success with the first single off the album, “(What) In the Name of Love,” which reached #39 in the US on the Billboard Hot 100 and, in a remix also produced by Arthur Baker, #35 on the dance chart. The album peaked at #83 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Whilst being a relatively modest hit, it had not matched the commercial and critical success of their debut; in the UK, neither the album nor its single had charted. Baker remixed another track he had produced for the duo, “Sacrifice,” but the record company never released a followup to the top 40 lead single and Naked Eyes disbanded following the underwhelming reception of this album. This album and its seven bonus tracks appear on CD for the first time. The bonus material features 12″ versions of “(What) In The Name Of Love,” and Arthur Baker’s mix of “Sacrifice,” two b-sides “Two Heads Together,” and (What) In The Name Of Love (Byrne & Fisher Mix),” and three previously unreleased demos of “Fuel For The Fire,” “Sacrifice,” and “Babes In Armour.” These demos have come from Pete Byrne’s (the surviving member of the band, Rob Fisher passed away in 1999) archives.

Not just giving us a chance to hear this album remastered, but also to have a chance to re-evaluate it after all these years, it shows that it was a lot better than the chart showing. Lots of peppy synth-pop that is chock full of hooks and the (What) In The Name Of Love (Byrne & Fisher Mix) is great, a minimal synth tune that sounds great in this version too. It’s great to hear the album so clearly and it really lets you hear the effects that you may have missed all those years ago. The potential second single “Sacrifice,” is a great song that would have been fantastic to have been heard on the radio back then, but at least we get to hear it now. The demo versions sound very slick and really show that they knew the direction and sound of the songs before they went and tightened them up.

This is a great album, one that I, and a lot of others had been looking forward to seeing released again, and every bit worth the wait. Great notes from Pete Byrne and cool pictures add to the total package, but the fine job of remastering the album really makes this release shine.


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