UNDER ASPECT: The Things You Should Not See: CD

The Things You Should Not See cover art

Under Aspect is a loud, punchy post-hardcore melodic band from Montreal, Canada. They’ve been together since 2006 and released their highly anticipated third album. They give us eight heavy tracks in under thirty minutes and it really whets your appetite for more.

The album has a very unified sound, the tracks all flow into each other, but it’s not like one long song, the songs are just well mixed and placed on this album so that the music doesn’t sound like it was haphazardly done, but instead creates its own tight mix. The playing is fantastic, far superior to a lot of the crap that I have heard in this genre, the mix of smooth and growled vocals suit the songs and the hooks, yes the hooks, are amazing. You can hear the emotion in the vocals and the intensity of the playing is on a higher plane. Eight  songs, not one weak song in the bunch, so no one song that stands out, the whole album stands out.

I’ve heard a lot of post hardcore bands, most are too shouty, or get too emo for me, but this is how it’s supposed to be, crunchy, hard and thrilling. This will make you rethink what you thought was post hardcore…get this!






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