SCREAM MAKER: Livin’ In The Past: CD

This band from Warsaw, Poland has released their EP We Are Not The Same in 2012, and now they have released their debut album Livin In The Past. The cover artwork was created by Rosław Szaybo, a Polish artist, and designer of Judas Priest’s British Steel album cover.

The album starts off with an instrumental intro, and then suddenly the band explodes into the song “In The Nest Of Serpents,” and the riff machine is off and running. “Glory For The Fools” comes right after it and keeps the pace of excellent guitar playing and the Dio-like vocals hit those high notes. Both songs feature excellent guitar work and vocals. The title track slows things down a bit, but keeps your interest with the pure power of the track. “Fever” is a very cool melodic track that will sound awesome in a live setting with its fantastic guitar solo. Other highlights include: “All My Life,” “Spacestone,”  “Never Say Never,” “Confessions,” and “Metalheads.” Band members Sebastian Stodolak (vocals), Ajronmajk (lead guitar), Marek Stanisz (rhythm guitar), Adam “Radził” Radziłowski (bass), and Tomasz Nachyła (drums) do an excellent job playing on this album, you can feel the emotion and energy that these cats put out on the songs.

A band that has a ton of potential and talent, they just need to be heard by a large group of people…go out and get this album! Metal for people who want something with balls and nothing so over the top or wimpy, just good metal.

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