BABYLON A.D.: The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93: CD

After a long hiatus, the band has re-grouped with all of their original members. They have released a four song E.P which includes the songs, “While America Sleeps,” Love Blind,” “Love is a Mystery,” and a new version of their number one hit song “Bang Go The Bells.”

These songs were lost until recently when a demo tape titled “Fresno 93” was found in an old memorabilia chest that Derek Davis had kept over the years. After a good listen it was obvious to the band that they had to get the songs out to their dedicated fans. Lucky for us, they made the right decision because these songs are too good to have been lost to the mists of time. “Love Blind,” and “While America Sleeps” are straight forward hard rocking songs that show the band’s ability to mix hard rock with a ton of melody and hooks.”Love Is A Mystery” is a power ballad that starts out acoustically then guitars get plugged in and makes it a nice lighters in the air song. The new version of “Bang Go The Bells” isn’t that much different from the original, but it is a little crisper sounding and still rocks hard.

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