LANEY’S LEGION: Self-titled: CD

Laney’s legion have released their debut album of eleven kick-ass tracks that bring to mind the glory days of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. I was looking forward to this album, hoping that the old school sounds that I love would be there, and I was blessed with what I heard. This Swedish quartet plays the old-school ’80s metal music the way it was meant to be played.

It’s great to hear veterans play something with such energy and love, just check out the band, it consists of Chris Laney (RANDY PIPER’S ANIMAL, ZAN CLAN) on vocals and rhythm guitar, Rob Marcello (DANGER DANGER, HOUSE OF LORDS, MARCELLO/VESTRY) on lead guitar, Mats Vassfjord (GRAND DESIGN, IMPERA) on bass, and Patrik Jansson (HELSINGLAND UNDERGROUND) on drums. Nice group with a ton of talent and experience.

Starting off with “On And On,” It has a tight riff, melodic vocals, and the guitar solo blazes. “Poptastic” is a very commercial song with an incredible chorus and it was a great song to showcase the album as a video and single. “Bleed Within” is a ballad that had a few country influences mixed in that worked really well. “Let’s Get It On” is a tight rocker that has a fantastic chorus. “Hollow” carries on in a similar vein and keeps the high standard going. “Assassin Of Our Love” is a great melodic rock song that gets a vote for one of the highlights on an album full of highlights. “No One Can Stop Us” has an amazing chorus and has the feel of a track that could have been a huge hit in 1985. “Legion” wraps up a fantastic album with a crunchy hard rock song that has a mind-blowing guitar solo.

If the world was right, this would be a million seller, getting play everywhere and people wearing the band shirts, sadly, the world is fucked and this won’t be everywhere, but at least we know it’s there, and with that, we are a chosen group who shun the trash and love this.


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