Brandt Brauer Frick - DJ-Kicks

The Berlin trio’s installment of the DJ-Kicks series was recorded in one day, out of hours at Berlin’s legendary Watergate club, using only vinyl and dub plates. “We didn’t want to record it in our studio or at home, mainly because we preferred an intense session with limited time,” explains Paul Frick. “That feels more like a unique situation and it enforces the tension and the necessity to do it right. Because we mixed it live there are mistakes and flaws, some rougher transitions in there. We are not super technical DJs. We like it when you hear those imprecisions because it’s human. It feels like someone is behind the mix, rather than a computer.”

That makes this feel more like being in a live setting, nothing is ever perfect and the glitches don’t take away from the experience, instead it enhances it. Brandt Brauer Frick wrote three songs for the mix: “Bommel,” “Out Of Tash,” and “Hugo,” the last being an exclusive track. Five other artists also wrote tracks for the album as well. This mix shows the German trio playing twenty-eight songs like I do excitedly sharing new records with my friends. You get ambient, faster dance songs, dub, and a whole lot more all mixed together and made to create a texture and vibe that just grows on you the more you get into the album.

I’ve never been a fan of DJs, I prefer people creating music to just playing music made from others (and I’m a DJ…lol), but this has their own music, as well as a ton of energy and skill that made for a great listen. I now have some artists to look around for, as well as this talented trio’s music.

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