BART DAVENPORT: Physical World: Download

Physical World cover art

California-based pop maestro Bart Davenport has released his latest collection of songs and if you are a fan of ’80s guitar pop, especially the British kind, think AZTEC CAMERA, and ORANGE JUICE, then this is manna for you. This is a great example of both sweet and bitter pop that came before the twee movement that sucked the life out of this kind of music.

“Every Little Step” was a definite double take for me with its sound so reminiscent of PAUL MCCARTNEY that it could easily fit on one of his early ’80s albums no problem. The opening 1-2-3 punch of “Wearing the Changes,” “Fuck Fame,” and “Dust in the Circuits” is a great start to the album with a nice sense of what is to follow. The songs are tight, performed with feeling and have fantastic lyrics. You can tell that this is the sound of an artist who knows what he is doing and if record companies were still signing people like this, this guy would be everywhere…even if he says “Fuck Fame.” The production is top-notch with everything sounding clear, the raw emotions coming through every track, and the band hits you in the head and heart.

I feel sad that I just found out about Bart Davenport, but now I have to do some digging and get more of his music. Tke a chance and grab this one…it’s a doozy!

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