BLOWFUSE: Into The Spiral: CD

Starting in Barcelona, Spain around 2008, originally known as Godfarts, and re-named in 2013 as Blowfuse, they have released two studio albums of punk rock. Influenced by ’80s and ’90s punk rock, hardcore, the skateboard lifestyle, and interesting lyrics, Blowfuse crafts a style all its own.

This album is chock full of ripping guitar licks, throbbing bass lines, pounding drums and snotty, but angry vocals that perfectly suit the awesome noise created by these guys. You get woah-ohs, gang vocals, and enough energy to light up a city, but luckily it is punk rock, not shitty emo, pop punk crap that sounds tired, these guys rip one fast tune out after another and keep you pumped up the entire time. Twelve killer songs including the short intro and not one second is wasted or given to fluff, they managed to hit the target on every track. I really liked “Break,” “Trouble,” “Ripping Out,” “New Approach,” “Where’re You Jimmy?,” and “Mr Dogshit,” but I’m sure that you will find your own favorite songs on here.

A great album that just grabs you as soon as you hit play and just gets better the more that you listen to it. I really need to pay attention to these guys and grab their music as soon as it comes out.


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