CASTALIA: How’s Life?: Download

How's Life? - Castalia

This seven track EP from this Raleigh, NC power pop / punk band is track after track of energetic songs that get stuck in your ears. Formed in 2010, this young band really comes out and gives us an album that would sound great blasting at a pool party with some cool drinks and a nice breeze gently wafting through the trees.

Every track is tightly played with a ton of energy that gets you dancing and the hooks are so great that it feels like you are at a fishing show. The pop is just enough to get things catchy, but not sugary and the punk is the nice gritty guitar playing that is cranked up and furiously played. With seven songs that go by so fast, I just put this on repeat and had a great time hearing the wicked licks that were played with power and the amazing voice of Candace O’Neal.

This is a definite keeper and you should track this one down today. I can only imagine what they are like live…probably amazing.

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