LOVESICK SAINTS: Dia de los Muertos: CD


These guys from Chandler, AZ started up back in 2007 and after some lineup shuffles, have put out this hard-hitting six song EP. The band has released four studio EPs: The Punk Rock Honky
Tonk, Resurwreckshun, Outside Looking In and its most recent EP, Dia de los 

Things start off with the instrumental title track that gives the EP a nice jump-start with pounding drums, fantastic guitar playing and a thick bass to get you ready for the rest of the songs. “Sick and Broken” starts off with bouncing bass, then the drums kick in, the rough guitar playing blasts in and finally the vocals come in with a lot of melody to make for a great, punchy track that gets your feet tapping. “One Foot in The Grave” has more of a post punk sound that while being a good track, should have been placed near the end of the EP as it takes a chunk of energy out of the first half. “War Story” starts off with bag pipes and just when you think that they’ve jumped on the celtic punk bandwagon, you get a fat sounding punk song that just jumps out of the speakers with energy and slightly snotty vocals that make you smile wide. “This ain’t It” is a great rock song with punk elements mixed in, like the gritty guitar playing, and the fantastic vocals that give the song a nice bitter edge. Ending with “Empty,” a mixture of country-tinged goth rock, but not the shitty goth that is boring and morose, but is more of the thicker stuff that THE MISSION puts out, and really gives a nice texture to the EP and closes things off perfectly.

A very cool EP that mixes a few genres together to create a listening experience that will make you a fan of these guys and make you search out more from them. With only being around twenty-two minutes long, they show their strengths and give you a tease of what they are capable of.


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