THE LOCKHEARTS: Freakshow: Single

This Sydney, Australia based hard rock quartet was formed in 2012 and they’re working on new material which will be released in small doses every few months. Their debut single “Freakshow,” gives a taste of what this band is all about, and it sure is a delicious appetizer.

The song is just over three and a half minutes long and that really goes by so fast that it leaves you really hungry for more, which is the desired effect, but damn…I need more! Carrying on the tradition of great Australian bands like AC/DC, MIDNIGHT OIL, INXS, JET, THE SAINTS, WOLFMOTHER and ROSE TATTOO, these guys give us a blast of pure energy with a chorus so infectious that you will be contaminated with the sounds of your new favorite band. The pounding drums, the bouncing bass, the slick guitar licks and the fantastic vocals all combine to create a song that would fit in any playlist from the ’70s right up to now. They have a sound that blends many genres into a rock song that gives us just enough pop to make it one of the best debuts that I’ve heard in a long time.

This stomping beast of a track will get lodged in your ears and you won’t be able to stop playing it over and over again. I don’t believe the hype that a band is fantastic until I have heard them myself, and these guys deserve every bit of the attention that they are getting.

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