The new album, Victory!, is this London, UK band’s second full length and it’s an explosion of noise and pure aggression. These eleven tracks fly past in a fast-paced 32 minutes and leave you wiped out and wanting more.

This album is a throat-punch of punk with modern-day elements of hardcore thrown in to make it harder and grittier. New vocalist Ben Mills’ fierce in-your-face roar joins together with complimenting group chants and sung vocals to create songs that stand out from the pack. Opening track “Off With Your Head” is full of power and aggression from the get-go. The song lasts just over a minute long, and builds up energy until barreling into the following track, “Benedict,” making a seamless blend from one into the another. Third track “Seatbelts” is the first single from the album and it has a massive sing-along chorus (complete with gang vocals) and catchy guitar lines. This track is followed by “Blue Nun,” which opens with a huge riff that is so catchy, I know it will be in my head for days on end. The album just keeps the incredible steam-rolling energy going right up until title track “Destroy!” ends the album with a song that sounds as if the band are going to bust through your speakers and drag you outside for a fight.

These guys have made an album that will get stuck in your head for weeks with the huge riffs, choruses, and sheer power. This one’s a keeper and the band would be crushing live.

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